My Dream

Dreams are conceived from children and men and all of those in between. There is no discrimination from where dreams come.  Babies dream of bubbles and cuddles, children dream of magical forests, teenagers dream of freedom, young adults dream of fame and wealth... And then there are us.

We are the ones who have dreamed the dreams of babies, children, teenagers, and young adults.  We either fulfilled those dreams or have allowed the events of life to bury it alive deep in the core of our minds.  We have forgotten what it is like to dream.  dream

Then, there are some of us who escape from an abysmal slumber; and we dig up our dreams, or create new ones.  We see the world in high definition, better than we did as children, and with a keen understanding that what we desire is possible.

My dream is to be a successful author and live in the countryside of France, to travel the world motivating others, empowering the poor and loving all who cross my path.  My dream is to be at peace and in harmony, and share that same energy with others. My dream is just as fresh and colorful as any child's dream, and it is possible.  It is a real dream that will soon become real life.

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