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I Self-Published My First Book!

Ladies and gentlemen, I've self-published my very first book today, January 16, 2016!  It was a long and amazing experience; and at the same time, I learned a lot about self-publishing!

So, what's the name of my book?  Is it on digital shelves as you read this?  Well, I'm not ready to reveal the name of the book just yet , and no, it's not on digi-shelves just yet.  It's hovering "In Review" on Amazon.  Hopefully, it will be released later today! mystery-book You see, the reason I'm not  revealing the title of my book, or anything about it just yet, is because I consider this a personal achievement  for me.  It's my personal proof that not only can I write, but I will soon be a published author!  Am I the best writer or author?  Of course not!  I am my best, and that is a critical life lesson for me.  But, I will share that it's just a simple non-fiction short little book aimed at helping job-seekers succeed.


On my quest to learn as much as I can about writing and self-publishing, I ran across Indie Artist Joanna Penn.  Joanna shares a wealth of information to ambitious and experienced writers about writing, publishing, and promoting books on her website, joannapennallbooks I diligently follow her blueprint, because I believe in it; and if it made her successful, it will make me successful as well!  Joanna is dedicated and passionate about her profession, and her website is amazingly organized and packed with essential information for any writer's success.

What I love about Joanna is she share's free and valuable information, as well as excellent information that's worth the price.  Through Joanna, I learned about author, David Gaughran.  dave gHis ebook Let's Get Digital is oozing with goodies on how and why to go the route of self-publishing.  He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of traditional publishing and why self-publishing is the way to go, and so much other invaluable information!

Reading Let's Get Digital let's get digitalled me to Guido Henkel.  To sum it up, he's a jack of all trades and a master at it all, with crazy knowledge in ebook formatting!   Check him out here, if you're looking for the most effective way to format your book for digital publishing.  Be forewarned that he's very detailed.  So be patient!

Joanna is also the angel who introduced me to Scrivener, a magnificent writing and digital compilation software.  Scrivener is the divine software that helps me to write, edit and quickly compile my ebooks into Kindle format, or any other format if I so choose.Scrivener-Logo

Because I'm somewhat of a slow learner, I sent a few inquisitive emails to  Joanna, Guido and David, who all replied promptly and were very helpful!  I quickly learned that the writing world is filled with magnificently talented and helpful individuals, ready to uplift and support a befuddled neophyte.

To prove that God has given me favor, I was able to easily gather an excellent editor from and a  friend who is an excellent graphics artist, who created my book cover!

I'm on my way, people!  Big things are a'brewin!!

By the way, I'm new to Wordpress and the social part of it!  I want to thank you guys for liking and following me.  I didn't think anyone could see my posts.   Bear with me as I learn how to follow you guys back and like and comment on your blogs, as well!



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