The Journey Will Be Hard

So, here I am... I've started my own business. I am officially an author entrepreneur, with one published book and so many more wonderful books to go.

In the midst of all the excitement, I learned a very important lesson:

That very few people actually care that I wrote a book, and that I will need to learn a lot about marketing, or few people will ever read it or any other book I'll write. I never expected to financially accomplish anything from writing my book. But, that one book is the beginning of many successful books to come.

The quality of my product and the persistent performance of my own marketing depends solely on me; and success and profit will come through people I've never met, and not from people I already know.

Yep, the journey will be hard. But, I will stay the course, and I WILL succeed! Woe to anyone or anything obstructing my path.

N. L. Jackson
I am The Faithful Scribe

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