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Fear Is Real

For the last two days, an unrelenting and dark presence has been hovering about me... whispering soft, yet definitive apprehensions in my ear. I initially regarded it as nothing, just a bit of distraction seeping into my mind.

I began to notice that I was losing my train of thought. My story lines were convoluted. I began to question the confidence that I would one day be able to walk away from my job as a thriving indie author. fear Yet, there was a softer voice saying, "Identify the lie. Call it out for what it is, and keep going. Don't give up.  Stay focused." But, the dark presence is stronger... more persistent. It's like a quiet energy attempting to overpower my conscious.

It comprehends my value. It knows my written words will breathe a positive change into the world that will kill its joy. It denies that the power within me is greater than its existence. It cannot bear it. It does not want another fatal blow to its vitality. I am its nuisance, and I am standing up to face it!

I want the world to know its name. I want to reveal its crafty tricks and manipulation. It comes in the form of doubt and questions, and then it steals your attention and focus, and then forces you to turn the gun on yourself. Do not fall for it! Stand guard and know this enemy!

facefearIt will pray on your weaknesses, tickle your emotions, and cleverly dismantle your peace. Just know that it will take you further from your passion; it holds no truth!  If you fall for any of its deceptions, you will find yourself throwing in the towel and cowering in shame.

Do not misidentify it as your imagination. Do not blow it off as nerves. Do not sleep it off thinking that it is only exhaustion. It is not an illusion. It is real. It is FEAR! 

When it seeks you out, stand tall before it. Shine the light of truth in its eyes, and declare your inner-beauty, your gifts, your talents, your love, your passion, and watch it back away, stumble and dissolve into nothing. Smirk at its defeat, because you know that everything God has given you is yours, and nothing -- no one can take it away from you.


face it and trust God

N. L. Jackson

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