First Ever Book Release!

I'm so excited!  My first book - EVER - will be released by the end of January 2016!  It's called 6 Great Tips For That Last Minute Job Interview!  This book will get you prepared for any challenging interview!  Anyone who hasn't interviewed in a while , as well as College students just entering the workforce will love it!  6GreatTipsCover

The book contains general interview questions, as well as questions  candidates should ask in order to ascertain if the job is right for them.  In addition, you'll find great tips on creating a thank-you letter!

I decided to write this book, because I realize that many people find interviewing intimidating and challenging, and  to prove to myself that I can write, finish and publish my own book! 

I'm also working on a thriller-filled book called REM State.  Look for an excerpt of it soon!


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