Writing is My Passion

I want to be an Indie Author.

My mind played an array of scenes of success as I walked my dog, Sassy, down the path this morning.  I'm very excited about my new-found passion, writing, and how I plan to use it.  My decision to go the indie author path is so exciting to me.  It so fits who I am!

All I can envision is sitting at my desk and bringing my stories into reality through books!  But, there's so much to it than just writing.  There's commitment.

I have a strong desire to commit to my decision of being a full-time writer and author.  In order to do that I must stay focused on my tasks at hand!

One simple task is to type, at minimum, 500 words a day for starters.  I've decided that I would write on a sheet of paper:  "Create Reality 500 Words a Day!" and post that piece of paper where I can see it and make sure I write those 500 words, or more DAILY!

My challenging task is to wake up every morning at 5:00 a.m. to write those 500 words, when I'm obligated to be at work soon after.  But, if I really want to write and I want to make it a business, I have to treat my writing like a business.

I am studying what other successful authors are doing, following their lead, and asking questions.  I'm researching book publication, marketing and promoting, finding ways to create streams of income, and most importantly, I'm writing!  It will be exhausting, but so much fun!

I've made a commitment to myself to be a successful indie author.  Watch more soar!

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